Reggaeton, dancehall, twerk, heels, commercial.. What would you like to practice? We bring teachers of different styles to visit Lahti and we always update the page accordingly. You can also make wishes to us!


Reggaeton is a street dance from Central America. The dance, which was originally based on reggae music, has also taken influences from Dancehall and Hiphop, and nowadays Latino rhythms are also mixed into this fusion genre. It is typical for reggaeton to use the whole body, especially the chest and hips, in the movements. The softer flow is also combined with a lot of faster beats familiar from hip-hop.


Learn the technique and movement language of heels dance with D-Dance's different heels classes. In our classes, you will learn the technique and basics of heels dancing right from the beginning, how to support your body like a queen and release your feminine energy. Heels dance is clean lines, performance, empowerment, falling in love with oneself and one's body. Sometimes in heels classes, more performance and commercial focused choreography is done and sometimes more sensual. Attention! You should immediately come to the lessons with proper dance heels that you can stretch your ankles and toes. If necessary, ask our customer service for more information! From the summer of 2024, you can find heels classes from the total beginner level in our weekly program.


Commercial is a so-called commercial dance style that mixes the techniques of many different sports, such as street dance and its sub-disciplines, modern jazz dance and show dance, depending on the teacher's own dance background and style. In the commercial, a lot of musicality and accents are used, and inspiration for the choreography is sought from e.g. from music videos and commercials as well as various TV productions. In commercial classes, in addition to choreography, performance, expression and attitude are practiced.

Latin Styles & Fusion

In our Latin Styles classes, we dance bachata, salsa and sometimes jump into merengue dances. The lessons are solo lessons where choreography is done, but sometimes our teacher Jean takes you with her to practice step patterns as a couple to learn the movement language and rhythm of dance.
The Lation Fusion class, as the name suggests, fuses different genres such as salsaton combines salsa and reggaeton, bachato combines bachata and reggaeton and bachata Urbana hiphop / street elements and bachata. These classes are great fun!


Twerk has its roots in African-American hip hop culture. Twerk became popular in the late 1980s with the music videos and lyrics of hip hop artists. Twerk was originally a movement language where, regardless of the position, the butt moved to the beat of the music. Twerk has been constantly evolving, and today's twerk combines choreography and sometimes acrobatics.


In twerk classes, you get to throw yourself around and you can constantly develop yourself with new techniques. For twerk classes, you should equip yourself with pants that allow the butt to move freely, as well as knee pads, because the classes often include floor techniques.

Dancehall Female

Dancehall is a Jamaican street dance that was born at the turn of the 70s and 80s. Dancehall moves are dance step patterns developed by Jamaican dancers. Female style moves are developed by female dancers, and the style includes a lot of use of the hips and mid-body.
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