Who are D-Dance classes suitable for? 10 questions and answers

1. Help, do I dare to come to class, am I too old / young?

You just dare! Our classes are attended by a clientele between the ages of 16 and 60 on average. Our students say that the studio's atmosphere is always encouraging, accepting, happy and energetic. We have a wonderful spirit together, and you can join us!

2. I haven't danced before, can I participate?

Yes you can! Our weekly classes have a selection starting from the total beginner level. Our customer service will be happy to help you find suitable hours.

3. Are photos always taken during classes?

Lessons are often filmed for the student's own use to support learning. A few minutes are used for video recording at the end of the class, and sometimes at the end of the class, solo, duo or trio videos are filmed for those who wish. Some videos may be taken separately for social media, but in such a situation we always ask permission separately. Most of our teachers also send videos of the choreographies to a whatsapp group so that the students can review them between lessons if they wish.

4. Can I participate in the classes with a one-time fee?

Yes you can! Choreographies are always repeated from the beginning. The lesson rhythm varies slightly depending on the teacher. Choreographies are done for 2-3 weeks with the same choreography progressing slightly each time. You can always ask in chat, insta or the dance school whatsapp group how many times are going.

5. I paid for an hour, but I got sick. Can I make up an hour?

Yes you can! Due to an illness or other obstacle, you can make up weekly hours by ticking the boxes. At the beginning of the season, in season ticket sales, we ask for preliminary participation information for classes, so that we can guarantee that all classes will take place. One-time payments, 5* and 10* cards are entered into the appointment system, so every time you sign up for a class, the amount will be deducted from your prepaid card. Thus, you can conveniently monitor the remaining times and replace as needed.

6. My card expired, can the validity period be extended?

The validity period of the card can be extended if the card has not been used up due to illness or changes in the hours offered. In such a situation, you are in contact with our customer service.

7. What kind of high heels do I need for heels class?

For the Heels class, we recommend always wearing the right dance heels, which are also available second-hand. This way you avoid numbness in your feet and other problems, and you practice the technique safely while strengthening the ankle. Ask our customer service for a link to the used stilettos sales group! For first dance heels, we recommend Joheela's Leana, Lisa or Lexie models with 8.5cm stiletto heels. The All floors sole material is a little sturdier, suitable for all surfaces (note: beige sole also in black shoes) and the suede sole is a softer sole suitable for indoor use, with which the ankle and toes can be stretched. The delivery time of the shoes is about 3 weeks. With the code: DDANCE24, you get a -15% discount on your dance shoes.

8. Do you need shorts for twerking?

You don't have to, but you can put it if you want. When you come to your first twerk class, the thought of wearing tiny shorts may seem like an exciting idea, but believe me, after a few hours the butt is already a familiar guy. You don't have to wear small shorts in Twerk clothing, but you can dance in any clothing that allows the butt to move freely. Vitonen's tip: Put on a patterned bottom, and you can see the movement even better😍

9. The social media videos are so good that I'm excited to participate

Videos of dance teachers who are professionals in their field are often shared on Some. The professional teachers know how to skillfully take into account enthusiasts of all levels and through their experience they know how to guide their students safely from the first time. You can come to the class as yourself and in exactly the clothes you feel good in.

10. What if I can't dance?

D-Dance's Tanssistudio is a safe space for everyone to arrive on their own. The classes have a warm and encouraging atmosphere. Almost all of us have had that first time, excitement and uncertainty about participating. Based on our customer feedback, everyone has felt welcome and what's best, many have found inner strength and self-confidence through dance and got to know many wonderful people in our growing dance family!


A warm welcome to our classes!

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