1st Birthday πŸ’–

Unbelievable, because today is exactly one year since our first IG post. We decided that 10.05. is our official birthday because that's when we've officially released the first photos on social media. Of course, work has been accumulated behind the pictures for several months, but it all felt real only when we were able to present our brand to you.

πŸ’— Educational and rewarding
πŸ’— Nuanced, containing all emotions from laughter through crying to rageπŸ˜…
πŸ’— We have planned for at least so long that we have listened to all the production seasons of Frendi at the same time
πŸ’— We have sewn tens of thousands of kilometers of thread
πŸ’— Has made us even more certain about what we want from the future

Above all, however, there is immense gratitude that our products have found you. Or you have found us.

A big, big thank you for the first year. Without you, there wouldn't be us either πŸ’—

Photo @jvirolainenpix

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