Through the Thunder to the light, take your steps without fear. Breathe in and exhale, feel the smell of fresh air.

Girl you are powerful, you are special. You are the most precious creation of the universe. Don't you dare to downgrade that value. Your value is one of a kind, so feel it and be it, shamelessly.

Be shamelessly unique, be as you are.

You have permission to speak, hear and see. You have permission to be yourself, with your own opinions. No one else can define you from the outside, without knowing the path behind you. No one has the right to criticize your actions, decisions or being. Neither internal nor external things.

You have complete permission to be you. Unique and one-of-a-kind and completely unashamed.

Your story is made to be told and carried, whether you tell it quietly to yourself or openly share it.

The UNIQUENESS collection is a license not to be ashamed of what you are.

The pressure of social media has created a feeling of inadequacy among us and that we no longer dare to share our own thoughts, because there is always a threat of being trampled upon. Have I certainly been able to consider this matter from every possible angle, and familiarized myself with every possible fact behind my opinion?

Open conversation and the expression of feelings sometimes seem to be a barrier that you don't dare to approach.

The Uniqueness collection reminds us with its story that we can and still can feel, speak and also make mistakes. It reminds of benevolence, authenticity and gentleness.

It reminds you that you have permission to be you.

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