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The value world for the Dreamb brand was built based on the points brought by Minna, I realized that I have been confused about many things. I admit this quite honestly, because I have selfishly ignored important things in the clothing industry. It became clear that we want to do as much as possible locally here in Lahti. We also want to use materials that would burden the environment as little as possible. For example, polyester recycled from fibers is suitable for our values, as well as other recycled materials.

This creates certain challenges, because there are few fabric suppliers for these materials in Finland, or we haven't found a suitable one. This is why our fabrics come mainly from Italy and Great Britain. There is still work to be done in rubber bands and other small accessories, so that we can get to the bottom of the production methods, because the suppliers are not very open about it. We order small items from Finnish retailers.

Dreamb blog values

Promoting transparency

We strive to highlight and add information that promotes transparency to our online store; where the materials come from and where the product is manufactured. Right now, as I write this, we are still at a point where all operations are very small-scale and every step is done by ourselves, from planning to planning and from product description to websites. Of course, my own entrepreneurial skills have made many things easier, because the administrative side and calculations are familiar oats. I could roughly estimate that the development process of one product has taken about a week of full-time working time. At least you don't get a salary from work yet, but a salary to live on comes from a day job.

Future directions

In the future, I want to strengthen the brand and highlight our values. I want to invest in people becoming aware of the environmental harms brought by fast fashion and focusing on more sustainable choices, even partially. By buying a Finnish service and product, it is possible to raise domestic know-how to the level it should be.

You can also think for yourself, how much do you want to be paid per hour? If you want, for example, €15, add raw materials e.g. €15, VAT 24%, side costs 30-50%, marketing 5-10%... That is, if you buy pökke €20 at a price that someone has prepared for half an hour, developed for a week (if even another) and still acquired the materials, will he get 15 €/h for that in his back pocket?

I don't think I can.

Make an impact by choosing

In the worst case, you buy stuff from a chain, which is part of burdening the earth considerably. Which takes water away from those who would need it in daily life. For my part, I want to make people aware of this process, and I also strive for these better choices myself. Do you really need the product? You can't always afford to choose what you want, but you can make good finds at recycled flea markets, for example. You might think that if you wear your clothes with love for five years, you must have made a good choice.

Our mission is to bring these facts to light, step by step to act more sustainably ourselves and create jobs in Finland. We also want to be involved in supporting those in need. This is the mission, which gives strength to continue working, because I believe that good Karma carries through challenging processes. ♡

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