How did Dreamb get started?

Dreamb blog story

How did it all begin?

Crafts have been my great passion since childhood. I am a professional in the clothing industry by training, and have worked in the field for several years. Exercise and well-being is another great passion of mine, and ten years have passed in dance.

When I tried twerking for the first time, of course I wanted to get the boys to take a class, but then I couldn't find any reputable supplier on the internet (in Finland, there are now some wonderful domestic operators, besides our own). That's when I talked to my best dance friend Minna, how about we start making twerk shorts? He didn't warm to the idea, so I ended up ordering a lot of crap from Ebay. Oh my... Yes, a person can be in the yard. My first thought was that I would sell these, if nothing else. Thank God (in this case Minna) that I never did this .

Dreamb blog story

When things got out of hand

At the beginning of the Corona period, dance hobbies, directing activities and everything else were put on hold. Suddenly, Minna brought up that she had thought a little bit about whether we should make twerk shorts after all. If no one buys them, at least you would get yourself some nice pants. That's where the idea started, and it started from the glove of power, as you might expect. You can't just have pants now, there has to be something else around it. The first collection named Whisper .

Dreamb blog story

Project DREAMB – dancewear, by dancers for dancers

Little by little, the time brought by the corona was filled with planning, planning and mapping materials and models. A big construction site to do along with the day job and the kids on their heels. Fortunately, the workstation was easily built into our garage, so coordinating everyday life with this project was a little easier.

Dreamb's story is just beginning. We have a lot of plans for the future!

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